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Shelly Bramley

Shelly Bramley

Hi I’m shelly a newbie team member of haunted company of which I’m utterly thrilled to have been given the opportunity to join such a amazing company and just as amazing new family. My earliest recollection of the paranormal was at the age of 7, it clearly stuck in my mind and is still clear a good 32 years later something I’ll never forget. From then there has ben many things that occurred and sat in the back of my mind making me wonder and question, it wasn’t till the passing of my mother 18 years ago that not only did things happen around me on a daily basis that I knew wasn’t just a coincidence! visiting mediums etc it all really opened my eyes to the unknown. Since then my inner curiosity got the better of me and I’ve delved into as much of the paranormal as was able, countless ghost hunts wanting to experience and experiment as much as I could I have no fear a open mind and im a complete adrenaline junkie which considering what I do has to be a good thing. The paranormal as fascinating as it is also just as fascinating is the history that comes with it something I was dreadful studying at school but in my more mature times have become a secret geek ( we keep that quiet though)! I believe we all have psychic abilities and a spiritual side, I have over the last 2 years started to work on the mediumship and psychic side after discovering that I could sense, smell and hear spirit and pass on messages from spirits I’m not trained in this it just suddenly started happening something I’m looking to progress with in the very near future. Outside of haunted company I’m just like anyone else and lead a normal life I have 2 fantastic children and a granddaughter, i trained as a vet nurse so have a love for animals, I look forward to meeting the guests that join us on our investigations and events I hope that you have a fabulous time and adventure x

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