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Bakewell Old House Museum- Paranormal Investigation


We are excited to be investigating Bakewell Old House Museum which is an exclusive venue for Haunted Company.


Once we are all gathered outside the museum, the team will take you inside where we will follow with an introduction to the history of this fascinating venue. We will split into smaller groups and proceed to investigate its many haunting claims. As usual, you will get use of our extensive array of equipment, from technical items such as wireless camera/pad systems, emf meters and voice recorders to the more traditional items such as dowsing rods and pendulums. Workshops will take place throughout the evening and you will be able to take part in human pendulums, spirit boards, scrying and much more!

Location:     Bakewell, Old House Museum, Cunningham Place DE45 1DD

Date:   Friday 27th April 2018

Time:  8.30pm to 1.30am

Tickets:  £30- Including lights snacks and drinks (Limited tickets to 20 people)
Adults only


The Old House Museum in the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire is a typical 16th Century yeoman’s house that was originally built in the rein of Henry VIII. It now houses a small museum with an exhibition of local life and artefact. The Tudor building was built in 1534 and is one of the oldest surviving domestic buildings in the peak district.
The house was originally owned by the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield and was built as a tithe. In the 18th Century, Sir Richard Arkwright took the building over in 1777 and converted it into tenements for mill workers. In 1954 it was condemned as unfit for human habitation but was saved from demolition by the newly formed Bakewell and District Historical Society. It is now supported and ran by volunteers from the local communities.

Hauntings by the staff and visitors of the Museum:

They claim the Small Bedchamber is one of the most haunted rooms in the museum. Staff have experienced shadow figures walking through walls and doors, specifically a civil war soldier and a figure dressed in summer clothes even though the building is exceptionally cold. Objects would disappear and reappear somewhere else. A dog entered the Small Bedchamber and got so scared it emptied their bladder and now dogs are too afraid to enter that room.

Andrew Elson Haunted Company’s founder comments:

What a wonderful opportunity we have been given to investigate one of the oldest properties in the peak district with so much history and reported hauntings. Also what residual energy will we find amongst the museums artefacts?

Don’t forget to bring your torches and cameras- you never know what you might find.

Prepare to be scared!

Event Details

Date 27th Apr 2018 at 8:30 PM
Time 8:30 pm - 1:30 am
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